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Brit.co:創新生活知識分享平臺是由一位美麗的女士Brit Morin創辦的有關于生活創新理念和產品的生活平臺,內容涵蓋美食、科技、生活、健康、美容、婚禮、短片拍攝等,使日常生活更簡單更有創意。



Brit + Co. 是一個旨在為日常生活提供更多創意為目標的初創公司,用精彩的圖文配合,向用戶介紹各種用戶可自己 DIY 的創意生活小攻略。該公司宣布獲得了 630 萬美元 A 輪融資,由 Oak Investment Partners 領投。這筆資金將被用于發展 Brit + Co. 用戶社區和建立商業平臺。Oak Investment Partners 有著相當的投資互聯網和零售創業者的經驗,包括 Demand Media, Federated Media, Kayak 和 Thrillist Media Group。

Brit + Co. 創始人 Brit Morin 稱,在過去的 18 個月中,她的團隊花了大量精力來夯實內容基礎,現在則開始向社區發展和商業平臺的方向轉變。這家公司發展迅速,Brit + Co. 比去年同期增長了 11 倍。盡管 Morin 并沒有提供具體數字,但是在 1 月份的時候他們曾披露過,自 2011 年成立以來,Brit + Co. 的網站已經吸引了超過 300 萬的訪問量。

Brit + Co. 本是為用戶提供創意生活指南的媒體平臺,它鼓勵人們在現實生活中發揮創造力 DIY,并幫助人們找到在 Brit + Co. 看到的好東西。除了自己平臺提供工藝品制作、菜譜和小發明等內容,Brit + Co. 還整合了多家生活方式類媒體的內容。

但 Brit + Co. 的野心并不止于此,依托其以創意 DIY 產品為中心的內容,正在謀求向電商轉型,其明確目標是把自己的讀者變成產品的消費者。Brit + Co.在線商店的商品突然增加到了幾千種。但凡讀到的產品,用戶都能在上面找到,而且會被導向其它電商平臺完成交易,Brit + Co. 則會從中抽成。

接下來 Brit + Co. 會通過積累的交易數據判斷哪產品類別需求更大,很可能 Brit + Co. 會增加一批自有品牌的創意商品。至于其自有品牌會不會與社區力量進行整合還未可知,比如像Minted那樣利用平臺設計師的智慧滿足消費者個性化的需求,達到平臺和設計師經濟上雙贏的目的。

Brit + Co. 網站風格上酷似 Pinterest,排版布局也保持了明顯的媒體風格,產品都被整理在不同的專題之下。從受眾群體上看也跟 Pinterest 有很大的重合性——家庭主婦和愛美女性。

關于Brit Morin的介紹:

My mother will be the first to tell you that I was the last person she thought would ever start a business related to domestic living. I don't blame her.

Growing up, my family didn’t often cook. I was forced to learn how to make the staples - microwaved eggs, pasta, and frozen dinners. Otherwise, we usually ate out because it was easiest. I taught myself how to sew at 16 via trial-and-error, nearly breaking the machine during the process. My first project was a purse made out of empty Capri Sun cartons (one of my biggest teenage accomplishments; and if you are wondering, yes, it was awesome and I got all kinds of compliments). I even taught myself how to french braid my hair at age 9, laying off the side of my bed and crossing strands back and forth until my mom told me it looked right. (It took several weeks of experimentation before we got to that point.) Although I had a cell phone at age 13, there was no Google at that time, so as much as I would have liked to have simply searched online for these types of tutorials, that wasn’t an option.

Once in college, I became enchanted with gadgets and technology and decided to move to Silicon Valley, what I considered and still believe to be the most creative place on the planet. Since then, I've been creating and launching new software products for the past six years. I’ve worked on everything from mobile photo-sharing apps to iTunes to Google Maps. Looking back, it’s quite ironic that I grew up teaching myself domestic skills without the help of Google or YouTube, and then wound up working for Google and YouTube.